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Oxyfresh is an established brand from America which is renowned for outstanding dental hygiene products that deliver fresh breath, beautifully white teeth and healthy smiles! Oxyfresh uses a patented ingredient called Oxygene® to guarantee fresh breath for 6 hours by tackling bad breath (halitosis) at the source, as opposed to temporarily masking the odour like other leading brands. Please check out the links above which take you to the official American websites for more information about this fantastic new range.

Why dental patients will love Oxyfresh
A variety of flavours and additives cater for most preferences and requirements.
Oxyfresh dental products clearly work.
Pricing is extremely competitive when compared to alternative retail products.
Oxyfresh products are attractively packaged in value sizes.

Why your dental practice will love selling Oxyfresh
The products are not only effective but also attractively packaged.
This is a professional range for dental practices and not available in shops and supermarkets.
The retained practice margin outperforms most branded toothpaste and mouthwash products.
If practices prefer the product can be sold on commission through www.dentalshop.co.uk. Simply contact us for the dental practice coupon code to use and our terms and conditions in respect of this method.

The Oxyfresh range is now available in the UK from Dentalshop. Why not contact us for our special launch offer via email or telephone 01677 424446.

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